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  • A Letter to Momo

    A Letter to Momo


    Sweet and heartwarming. Just the way it should be. <3
    Mame is just so dumb and cute. Hehe.
    Severe 'adopt me mama' vibes.

  • Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn

    Karthik Dial Seytha Yenn

    *extreme cringe*
    I can't even give it 1/2. Sheesh. Whatever. GVM churns out so much crap.
    Also, I would have liked a full feature just to serve as meme material.

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  • Ponmagal Vandhal

    Ponmagal Vandhal


    Extremely predictable from the get-go. 10 minutes in you know the plot and how this would play out. Even the twist at the end is too predictable. Gah. However, Jyothika is good and very convincing. Her understated acting was moving and powerful. Possibly one of her better performances in her career. Commendable social messaging and all that.

  • Varane Avashyamund

    Varane Avashyamund


    This movie is so nice. I wanted to see more of Urvashi. Damn, her role was short. But such an interesting character. Suresh Gopi stands out throughout. I cannot imagine another star playing his role. Shobana was good. Kalyani and Dulquer were good as well.

    The movie functions on two levels. One where it exists on an extremely dainty landscape. Here, disagreements just don't persist. Brahmin neighbors are just nice. Everything just works out for everyone.

    The other level is…