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  • Ohm Shanthi Oshaana

    Ohm Shanthi Oshaana


    Stereotypical characters but the screenplay makes it a refreshing experience. This is one uncynical love story with a happy ending that is really enjoyable.

  • Thor



    Pretty average. It's just Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston who propel the movie forward. Idris Elba and Anthony Hopkins kinda wasted. That hammer scene is topclass stuff. There's enough room and potential for some great humour. But sadly the movie didn't make good use of all the opportunities that came its way. #rewatch

  • Guardians of the Galaxy

    Guardians of the Galaxy


    Joyous and entertaining. I am Groot!! <3 #rewatch

  • Double Indemnity

    Double Indemnity


    Extremely engaging. Fred MacMurray is phenomenal. Only downside is the ending which was kinda predictable.

  • Bringing Up Baby

    Bringing Up Baby


    Annoying. Just plain annoying. Gaah. Plenty of yelling and fast-paced dialogue delivery. Just so much noise I wanted to pull my hair out. Katherine Hepburn's character 'Susan Vance' has to be one of the most annoying characters in movie history. Funny here and there. Thanks to Cary Grant and the leopard. I'm still so annoyed.

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    This is a lovely movie. Loved the singing and the dancing. Omg I have a huge crush on Gene Kelly. Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor were excellent. Remarkable and unforgettable.

  • The Maltese Falcon

    The Maltese Falcon


    Humphrey Bogart was excellent. The twists are supposed to be shocking. But honestly they barely left any impression. This isn’t quite the memorable movie that I hoped it would be.

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice


    I wasted time trying to follow the case Doc was solving only to realize that was not possible at some point. This movie can be whatever you want it to be? The characters really stood out. And some scenes were hilarious. It's definitely a movie that I would rewatch another day.

  • Lost & Found

    Lost & Found


    So pure, so cute. Dammit, true love!

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    I'm still so conflicted about Tom Ford's nocturnal animals. You can interpret the movie in so many ways. And most interpretations clearly suggest that it's a vile, disgusting anti-woman story. So I err dunno.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    What's up with Brie Larson?!
    Captain Marvel just meh-ed its potential to be a good movie. But that scene where Brie Larson tells Jude Law "I have nothing to prove to you" is one of the most satisfying scenes in the MCU.

  • Princess Mononoke

    Princess Mononoke


    More relevant than ever.