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  • Tigers Are Not Afraid

    Tigers Are Not Afraid


    Review from Telluride Horror Show:

    When I’m asked why I love horror so much, I typically explain how horror, more than any other genre, can tackle an issue and present it in a way that’s both enlightening and exciting. Adding the veneer of horror to a story frees the filmmaker to really dive into the subject matter and create something that transcends real life.

    Take the fairy tale aspect of Pan’s Labyrinth, for example. Guillermo del Toro frames an examination…

  • Revenge



    The helicopter sails over a desolate landscape. Its destination is a beautiful modern home; a colorful oasis in the otherwise brown desert. The camera closes in on a young woman as she departs the copter. It keeps low, focusing on her short skirt, her legs, her ass. She’s all bright colors; pink and sex. She sucks on a lollypop. Her neon star earrings bounce as she walks. She oozes sexuality and the camera eats it up. It languishes on her…

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  • Fingers



    When you’re covering festivals, there’s always that one (if you’re lucky) movie that just doesn’t gel with you for whatever reason. Festivals, in my limited experience, offer a smorgasbord of films and it’s just a numbers game that some just don’t click. Some may even make you tilt your head and think, what the fuck did I just watch?

    And then there’s a movie like Fingers.

    Fingers is a movie that defies any sort of plot synopsis. But I’ll try.…

  • Sadistic Intentions

    Sadistic Intentions


    There was a time when metal was dangerous. Where, to paraphrase the words of Sadistic Intentions’ Stu (Jeremy Gardner), rockers wouldn’t just wring a dead cat on stage for effect but would do it offstage just to…see what comes out both ends. A grisly picture, for sure, but when faced with movies like Lords of Chaos and some of the violent and disturbing stories that have floated around the metal scene in its heyday, it’s not too surprising. Now, though,…

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  • Xtro



    If a sleazy rip-off of Alien and E.T. had a one night stand in a dingy alley, the result would be Xtro. This movie was bonkers bad and great at the same time.

  • Relaxer



    Can a movie smell?

     I realize that may sound like a silly question, unless you’re in some theme park style “4D” experience or you were seeing the advent of Smell-O-Vision with Scent of Mystery back in the 60s. But seriously. Is it possible for a movie to smell bad? Because Relaxer stinks. The stench oozes from the sweaty pores of the man-child protagonist. It wafts from the mix of souring milk mixed with urine. It’s probably the stinkiest and grossest…