The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★★★

The Holy Mountain is like if John Waters tried to make A Clockwork Orange for a religion hating monkey on LSD. Seriously, one of the most amazing, beautiful, and bizarre experiences of my life.

It is a ride that is hard to describe critically. This film is a harsh critique of religion, the rich, hypocrites, sex, love, and basically everything else in society. It's tough to nail down, but not because it's ambiguous in what it's trying to say, no, instead because it means so much that it overwhelms one's senses. Jodorowsky challenges the audience to take an objective look at how absurd humanity is. Our customs, our notions, and our norms all begin to mean nothing after this film is done with it. I felt blissfully berated by the symbolism of this film. Virtually every scene in this film is intended to illustrate something.

Jodorowsky also brilliantly wraps up the message of his film with a meta meditation on life. As the characters finish their journey, we just then realize we too were taken on a journey, but not the one we thought we were going to go on.

If you ever wanted to get someone into cinema or scare them away altogether, this is the film to do it. I can't believe that someone in 1973 gave Jodorowsky roughly 5 million dollars US (adjusted for inflation) to make such an intensely provocative film. I can only think that it must have been an anarchist.

I think I'm just gonna end it here. This one broke but in the absolute best way.

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