Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Everything Everywhere All At Once is the definition of a masterpiece. I don’t think any amount of works can describe just how good it is. What the Daniels have created here, the unique humour, fun action sequences and devastating emotional moments are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. But then again, what else would you expect from an A24 film about the multiverse? 

If I’m honest I’m at a complete loss of words. Directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the latter in one hell of a scene, are phenomenal. Between this and Swiss Army Man, their vision is unlike any directors working today, juggling silly gags and weird visuals perfectly allowing the film to hold some hilarious moments while also giving it the touching impact needed that’ll speak to so many families. Nevertheless, it’s not just the emotional moments and sharp, hilarious humour that works wonders, the choreographed martial arts are beyond anything I’d imagined with every action scene being uproariously entertaining while also being completely unique in the sci-fi/fantasy genre. 

Performance wise, Michelle Yeoh gives the best performance of her career. She’s wildly entertaining and loveable in the lead role and you can clearly tell she’s having an utter blast throughout. Her stunts are incredible, truly showing the world what she can do while easily putting in the performance of the year for me. Similarly, Stephanie Hsu puts in a great performance as her daughter with her abilities in the film adding to the weird and wonderful perfectly, while it’s also great to see James Hong and Jamie Lee Curtis starring as well. However, despite Yeoh giving the best performance of the year, by a country mile that is…my favourite addition has to be the return of Ke Huy Quan. We must protect this man by any means necessary. His role in the film, the multiple versions we see of his character and overall just the genuine nature of his character was so heartwarming. While Yeoh gets to have all the fun within, Quan adds a whole other level of heart to the story that’s just as great as his real reason for coming back to acting. 

Everything from the acting and direction to the cinematography and masterful editing deserves only the highest praise. It's a wonder that something this bizarre, this wild, this juvenile and ambitious, could be made today. It’s the kind of movie you celebrate for simply existing, something so marvelously different but so assured, complex and deliriously amazing that it continues to stun me the more I think of it. It’s one of the most crazy, inventive and wholeheartedly satisfying films I’ve ever seen. It is quite literally a visionary masterpiece in every sense of the word…I honestly can’t find enough praise in the world for this film. Everything Everywhere All At Once is the definition of a masterpiece and one everyone should watch as soon as they can as it’s the kind of movie that reignites your passion for cinema.

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