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  • The Attic Expeditions

    The Attic Expeditions


    Side characters are fun, main character is a bore. I wanted to like this more than I did, maybe if it had more of a unique identity? This seems more like a short story idea than a full feature.

  • Born of Fire

    Born of Fire


    Interesting in concept and a bit of a different approach as far as setting, but not in the Jodorowsky, Lynch, Żuławski or Ken Russell way. More along the lines of Agustí Villaronga in my view. I do think the film is shot well and the more you know/care about mysticism the better, but the characters themselves I couldn't give two hoots about and the situations were just silly in an amateurish way. I think if it had been a bit…

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  • Death Collector

    Death Collector


    This "film" answers the question "what kind of movie would you get if David Lynch fell down the stairs, got a brain injury and tried to direct Buckaroo Banzai from memory?"

  • Dragged Across Concrete

    Dragged Across Concrete


    Neo-noir in the capable hands of a Master. It hits all the classic beats of a crime film but also seems refreshing and dangerous. Wonderful soundtrack, great sound design and a deliberately paced atmosphere that seems like the greatest hits from a season of an HBO original series. Probably one of the best genre filmmakers we have today. I will watch anything S Craig makes from now on as soon as it comes out.