Demonlover ★★★★

Reviewed on Cinema Eclectica.
Also 52 horror film challenge 2019: 22/52.
No. 37: 2000s.

Patient Zero for my favourite strain of Olivier Assayas's work, the deliberately unresolved exploration of the new spaces opened up by modern international capitalism. I can easily understand why it perplexed people on first release - it's a weird as hell follow-up to Les Destinées sentimentales - but it now looks both prophetic and a vital time capsule of a very different internet era. Even the most dated aspect - the very idea that an online porn site would be lucrative enough to justify all this carnage - now plays as satire. Perhaps it always did.

Also, Gina Gershon's decision to play nigh-on all of her scenes with a cigarette languidly dangling from her ninety-degree wrist is a vital reminder of why I love her so much.

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