Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★½

Reviewed on Cinema Eclectica.

I compare this to Roald Dahl on the show, but there's another name from my childhood that I'd like to invoke, and like Dahl it's a comparison I don't make lightly. The specific type of horror-comedy Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy's script is going for is one that would be recognised by Robert Holmes: the jokes are macabre enough to make it scarier, the violence and suspense are outrageous enough to make it funnier, and the whole thing exists in the most delicious self-strengthening feedback loop.

I kept getting the delightful sense that these people were trying. Where most horror-comedies would satisfy themselves with fanboy references, this has real laughs and sharp one-liners. Where others would go for nostalgia points by featuring vintage board games, Ready or Not has lovingly mocked-up fictional games. And whereas seemingly every mainstream horror film of the past fifteen years has attempted to get scares by playing an old children's song at 33rpm, this has Iron Man 3 composer Brian Tyler create his own pastiche and it fucking bangs. See it, you clever people.

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