Suspiria ★★★★½

So just to make sure I've got this one straight: a director who's been responsible for some of my favourite European cinema of the decade has decided to make a horror film for the first time, and he's got an almost entirely female cast with Tilda fucking Swinton in multiple roles, and Thom fucking Yorke has made a series of plangent piano ballads and creepy Krautrock workouts for the soundtrack, and the whole thing has this wintry, slow atmosphere, but when it actually has to deliver the gore it goes full-on 18-certificate body-horror mental, smashing bones, ripping open chests and leaving mangled bodies in pools of every fluid he can think of - and it's got a dance element, too, so there are allusions to Pina Bausch and Bobbi Jene Smith and Maya Deren's Study in Choreography for Camera, as well as Frida Kahlo and Ana Mendieta - and the whole thing is set against the German Autumn, which isn't directly relevant but it adds to this sense that every political tension in the world is the result of some nightmare occult conspiracy, which I don't know about you but I think that's some very relatable thematic material right now, and also it just allows you to talk a lot about Baader-Meinhof which is fun, oh and and and it's shot by the same guy who did Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives so it looks absolutely incredible - like, seriously the use of negative space in the foreground of compositions is the sort of thing that makes you want to write essays, and there's also a Chloe Grace Moretz cameo...

...and I'm supposed to hate it because it shares a title with something else I love? I dunno, it's like getting a sundae and complaining about the cherry on top.

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