The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

As per my video from a while back, I rewatched this wondering whether it would feel slower on the small screen. I'm happy to report it seemed as brisk and nimble as it did in the cinema, albeit with a little additional weight coming from knowing where the story is going. The only formal changes I noticed were that the switch to digital for one scene (you know the one) wasn't as noticeable on DVD, and the cinematography is, if anything, even more luridly colourful.

As for the talking point that it feels like a documentary - I think part of what that's responding to is the fact that many scenes seem designed to show particular pieces of behaviour or daily routines, rather than move the plot forward. This allows Baker to do a lot of set-up without it feeling like set-up - second time around I was particularly struck by that scene of Willem Dafoe's Bobby spotting a door opening on the second floor at night, something which really doesn't stick out as relevant first time around. But I also stand by the observation I made in the video - if this feels like a documentary, it's probably because documentaries are the only films that really examine poverty in America this closely.

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