Fight Club

Fight Club ★★★★½

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Film 179 out of 700

I had the same feeling I had with this film that I had with "Rear Window" when it was over. It's good but what is with the all the hype? And then just like "Rear Window" I think about the film for awhile, let it sink into my mind and consume it for a bit and I realize that the film I thought was just good is actually a masterpiece.

Of course I knew the twist going into this film. How could I not? The film is going on 15 years now and I'm a cinephile. Going into the film I knew I loved David Fincher but I never realized how much I actually loved David Fincher. How he just captures the mindset I think we all go threw everyday. How we become materialistic and we let our items control us. From our pets, to our jobs, to even our movies we are controlled. To get that message you need the two sides of same coin with Edward Norton as The Narrator and Brad Bitt as Tyler Durden. The film makes me go along with both characters at different parts of the film which is fantastic. I along with The Narrator am draw into Durden. I want him to set me free as well, I want to join his Fight Club to be the real man I want to be.

For a film that has a running length of two hours and twenty minutes it felt like a ten minute film. I never needed to check the time or wonder how much was left I was just pulled with force into the film and was never let go until the credits were over. Such a rarity with films now.

The film of course has many things that I did not pick up on and I plan to watch this film with all the commentaries again really soon. I want to be in on the secret of this film and after only watching it once I feel like I barely know it. This film is not meant to be understood with one viewing, it craves to be rewatched and rewatched and I of course am willing to give into the madness which is Fight Club.

Rating: See It

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