Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★½

Film 69 out of 100
I is for Inside Llewyn Davis
Film 26 for 2013 Movie Catch Up

For some reason I remember the trailer for this film seeming a lot happier. I don't normally watch trailers and I saw the trailer four months ago so it could be I just dreamed I saw the trailer.

The movie itself is far from happy. Yet it is so engaging to watch. On paper I should hate Llewyn Davis, acted fantastically by Oscar Isaac, but I find a small sense of charm in him. Maybe I see a little of myself in him. I feel like as a working videographer and editor I understand the living on whatever couch you can find. Living from pay check to pay check. I know that all too well.

On paper I don't like folk music, but I have found myself listening to the soundtrack a lot within the past 24 hours. Something about it just has me in trance.

The only part of the film that took me out was John Goodman. I felt his character and the time that it took Llewyn to get to Chicago was a little slow to me. Which is odd because that is the part in the film where the plot actually kicks in. I rather just keep watching Llewyn try to survive with his day to day life than travel praying for a place to play. Normally I would say cut the scene but we do learn about more about Llewyn's old partner so it would be hard for me to see that scene gone.

This is a fantastic look into the life of an artist and human being who can't seem to get anything right, no matter how hard he tried. We all have a little Llewyn Davis in all of us.

Rating: See It

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