Jaws ★★★★★

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Year: 1975

This film is my absolute favorite film. I first saw the film 11 years ago at the local outdoor pool while sitting on an inner tube. The best way to ever experience this film is on the water. I was terrified of the shark at the young age and was extremely horrified of the decapitated head. And to this day I still am. It's the one part of the film I still have to look away from when it comes up.

Now to why the film is so perfect. The reason is mostly because of Steven Spielberg. Since he was so young and full of himself he thought he could tame the elements of the ocean. Thankfully he found ways to work around them so the film could actually be filled on the open water and not a tank. It makes the film feel much more realistic. And the fact that the shark wasn't working for most of the production, such a blessing it became. If the shark was seen in the first scene like planed I don't think I would have such love for this film. It would be just like any other horror film. But this is so much greater than a horror film. It is a story of human nature and the human will.

I feel like I have much more to say on this film, so I will return to it later. For now it is time to listen to the fantastic score and lay in my room, just thinking about what a great masterpiece this film is.

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