Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★★

The Coen Brothers - Unplugged

Inside Llewyn Davis is the Coens most grounded picture. The human experience at the very forefront, more so than say A Serious Man or Barton Fink. So, with the commonly off-centre Bros (mostly) keeping their eccentricities at the door, what they do let in is a quiet, lethargic tale of a struggling folk musician simply trying to find himself.

This works well if you care about the time period and the people but I can imagine a lot of viewers being put off by the lengthy, patience baiting musical interludes that pop up often (though the Please Mr Kennedy scene, I hope will be entertaining to the masses).

By now, on their 16th picture, there should be no need for me to mention how exceptional these film-makers are at framing and shooting a scene but the images here are continually beautiful and considered. The audio too, particularly in the middling central scenes with John Goodman, is fantastic. Listen for the atmospherics they come up with during the repeated moments outside of the car whilst on the highway.

The more I think about Inside Llewyn Davis, the more I like it. Oscar Isaac and Goodman are solid but the brief performance from Stark Sands as Troy Nelson, the cereal eating military man is my favourite thing in this.

Watch it and know that you are in the hands of masters.

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