Stand by Me

Stand by Me ★★★★★

Graham J: (Logs into Letterboxd – Sees Ed Norton)

Letterboxd (LB) - Try again please!

Graham J: (Logs into Letterboxd, a little harder on the keys)

LB – Welcome friend! How are you?

GJ – Please stop talking *rubs veiny temple* I’m trying to concentrate, (clicks Add Film, S….St…..Stand by Me, add review)

LB – Holy sh……...hold the phone - is this it? Is this really it? Stand by Me?……Are you….

GJ – …….going to write about my favourite film of all time? – yeah

LB – But you never write about films in your top 10 favourite films of all time

GJ – Well (makes the Nicholson typewriter gesture from The Shining)……here it is.

LB – The Number 1?

GJ – The Number 1

LB – Wow, so what are you going to write? - That it’s from the 80’s but set in the 50’s? That it has a fat kid in it that’s now married to Mystique from the X-Men?, That it’s by Rob Reiner? Is he still alive?

GJ – His career isn’t, but the fat kid thing is awesome!!



LB……… what is it about Stand by Me that you love Graham J? You filled all of my 5 stars!!

GJ – (Grimaces) Gross! Where do I start - There’s so much I love about it, Stand by me just (clicks both fingers)

LB - ……..I don’t get it.

GJ – It clicks (clicks both fingers again) it just works in all the right places. Everything feels so refined, so cared for and so in sync, just like (clicks both fingers several times)

LB – I’ll be glad when the clicking stops….

GJ – Let me put it another way (Graham J pulls out 3 clear cups and a large carton of chocolate milkshake)

LB – What’s……goin on?

GJ – It’s a visual representation LB. (GJ Pours milkshake into the first cup - only half way) Films I like but not love, they fill my cup but not completely (swills the half filled cup)

LB - …..

GJ - (Pours milkshake into the second cup filling it to the very top) Now films I love, they completely fill it, right to the very top.

LB – I’m getting thirsty….but please go on…

GJ – Now Stand By Me…… (pours milkshake into the last cup, filling it until overflowing and keeps pouring until the carton is completely empty) You see?

LB - You’ve made a mess of the imaginary table?

GJ – You don’t see?

LB - ……………..…I drink your milkshake?

GJ – The milkshake is love LB…

LB - …….you’re weird

GJ - ….and the cup is my soul

LB – (dramatic pause)

GJ – Everything I love about movies is here in this 89 minutes. 89 minutes of pure joy actually. The music, the characters, the aesthetic, the writing, the bonds, the laughs and the traumas. It's a collection of great individual scenes, that like a jigsaw all come together to make one incredibly satisfying whole. To quote Jerry Maguire, ‘It completes me’

LB – So Stand by Me is your Renee Zellweger?

GJ – ..has been for 20 years..

LB – That’s a long time

GJ – and it’s still my number 1.

LB – My heart is so full

GJ – That’s because I clicked it!

LB – I love you…

GJ – *clicks save and leaves*

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