Terminator Genisys ★★

One of the Terminator's core themes is about the human race being put aside by the machines, and yet Terminator Genisys obliterates its running time with CGI. I'm so fed up with fake imagery, I feel like ranting....

*takes gloves off*

I hate the 'buzz building'. The directors and actors relentlessly talking it up, tossing it casually into the same breath as the original and its stellar sequel. No, no, no, no, fucking no!! You're just trying to warm up our little film genitals so we get hot and excited in the hopes we'll pay money to go and see your shitty little movie (that costs more than i'll ever earn) - and we do, and then we cry ourselves to sleep.

Do we need further proof that James Cameron is a true original?

Do we need to talk about petitioning to fire Jai Courtney's agent? He picks the WORST films, stop saying 'yes' you lunkheaded fuck,

Arnie. Dear old Arnie. You should never have come back. You had a legacy set in stone and now you're chipping away at it with little pickaxes (your recent movies), and you're going to ruin everything.

STOP SMILING. The Terminator isn't here to entertain underage kids sneaking into the movie. He should be looking cool and blowing shit up, simuntaneously. Speak less, shoot more. I will never get the sight of an aged Arnie Terminator out of my mind. It's horrible.

Emilia Clarke.... at least you tried. Working with such turgid scripts helps no-one, but i believe you are simply too nice for this role. Linda Hamilton looked wounded, and with something to fight for. You just look.....too pleasant.

I'm frustrated.

I need some time.

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