Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★½

Seen at the Scotiabank Theatre

This seemed like it was right up my alley but good lord was it tedious to get through. Samara Weaving is definitely fantastic in it, but more often than not is undermined by a lukewarm script and absolutely bungled execution.

The writing isn't fantastic, but done right this could have been a lot of fun (well, for me I guess because everyone else seems to have loved it). Unfortunately, the directors fail to bring any sense of style or identity to the film, leaving it feeling hollow and generic. More often than not the humour fails, and the dramatic tension does not work at all. The balance between the two is non-existent, as it lurches from stale campy gags to unearned emotional beats with no subtlety whatsoever. There is zero intensity or stakes really, and most of the time I just felt bored.

I really like Adam Brody but his character is written very poorly, but he does his best with what he's given. Andie MacDowell is good as well but again she just has very little to work with. The rest of the cast ranges from mediocre to downright terrible. The Aunt overacts and it's not funny at all, the Fitch dude has horrid comedic timing yet is somehow the comedic centre of the film, and everyone else is super forgettable.

It has its moments, enough to make you wish the movie wasn't so misguided, but overall it's just a bland mess. Great ideas, bad execution. What made it even worse was how much everyone in the theatre was lapping it up. Laughing their asses off at every forced joke. I'm glad everyone else seemed to enjoy the movie I guess, but there's no worse feeling than not understanding why everyone is having such a good time and you're not!

Overall I didn't hate this, it was just actively mediocre which annoys the crap out of me. It did bore me for most of the runtime but I really enjoyed the lead performance and I did laugh a couple times. The ladder scene was great. Only real highlight for me. I guess the ending was funny, too. But I'm very bummed about how middling this was.

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