The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou ★★★★½

Watched on (John's) Criterion Blu-Ray (I forgot mine in Barrie)

An absolute delight. One of the most emotionally resonate of Anderson's works. While it does try to juggle a few too many character arcs and subplots that aren't all resolved satisfactorily, the film's absorptive atmosphere, fantastic performances, and likeable characters make it more than worthwhile.

Love the use of anamorphic lenses used here, reminds me of Dean Cundey's work with John Carpenter. I also loved the Portuguese Bowie covers that ran throughout the film. My biggest complaint was that they never used my favourite Bowie song, Queen Bitch, but I should have known they'd save the best for last!

One of Anderson's most satisfying films, as it's the first of his to truly dive into the fantastical visual aesthetic that he's known for, while keeping intact the heart of his earlier works.

Forgive me for the two unintentional water puns I made in this review.

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