Thoroughbreds ★★★★½

Definitely my type of movie. Deadpan humour mixed with wonderful characters rooted in crooked morals. An absolutely delightful take on modern suburban boredom and overall just so enjoyable. Stellar performances from the two leads, Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor-Joy, two of the finest up and coming actors in Hollywood, as well as a delightfully, charmingly despicable and ultimately melancholy final performance from the wonderful Anton Yelchin.

Cory Finley shows fantastic promise in his directorial debut, and has turned in what it by far my favourite screenplay of the year so far. Well shot, and equipped with a fantastic score.

Go see Thoroughbreds if you can. It's indie filmmaking at its finest. Or don't, and just go see whatever. I absolutely, 100%, do not at all care what you do. But you're missing out.

Also, this was produced by Jim Rash, AKA Dean Craig Pelton of Greendale Community College. So that's good.

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