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This review may contain spoilers.

It was an okay movie honestly. I feel like the suspense was good and the monster looked  amazing. The story telling to this movie was slow but really good cause of that build up to see what happens.The gore in that movie was really good seeing the bodies and they were left to rot was very gruesome. There were a lot of flaws. SPOILERS!

1. Why after such a big hype of seeing the monster evolve he gets killed by a teacher with a staff?!?!
2.Why was it scared of the flare and yeah y’all might say demons are usually scared of light but he has killed In broad daylight with ease
3. They should’ve let the brother kill his brother it would honestly made that scene way better and made me rethink my rating.

Other than that it was an ok horror movie, something I would rethink of watching again.

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