Burning ★★★★


Second viewing, no change. I'd thought another look might be revelatory, because this is a film that sorta sneaks up on you (and because I originally saw it with very poor subtitles); instead, I still found a hefty stretch—the period when Haemi is in Africa—somewhat stultifying, even considering that it's setting up a stark contrast between the two men's lives. And I still think the watch is too much. (See previous review.) Yet it's also still my favorite film of 2018 (so far, with few contenders remaining), somehow at once didactic and mysterious.

[Note to Patreon subscribers: I'm just gonna post repeat viewings of new films (as opposed to classics I might have last seen 25 years ago) here, as I rarely have much to add—see above—and you'll often want to click over and read/reread what I wrote the first time. Oh, and my professional reviews likewise go straight here, for obvious reasons. You get an advance look at everything else.]

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