Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

81/100 (was 76)

The Criterion disc includes an interview with Gerwig in which she cites David Thewlis in Naked as her primary inspiration for Frances, while admitting that superficially that comparison makes no sense. I get it, though: utterly different personalities, but the same basic solipsism. That registered more strongly with me this time (best moment in the film, possibly: "I have an appointment with Colleen on Monday." "I don't know you"), as did her modest efforts to break free of it toward the end (most notably sitting with the crying girl in the hall). Major reservation remains the ending, which still feels both too abrupt and insufficiently bittersweet; she seems entirely content, without even a twinge of regret, and I'm not sure folding LLIDAY out of sight does all of the necessary work on its own. Quite a coup if it does, though, so I'll be mulling for a while.

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