Malignant ★★★★

EDIT: Full spoiler-filled podcast discussion is out now.

Okay, yeah, I watched this again and as I speculated might happen, pretty much all my issues fell by the wayside this time around, knowing “the twist” up top. This movie rocks. Also shocked I didn’t figure it out initially, so I guess all the misdirection I previously complained about does work!

There are still minor annoyances - I have never really connected with Wan’s sense of humor and the jokes mostly fall flat for me but truly who gives a shit. Like, I love Zoe Bell as much as the next fella, and was delighted to see her, but that little bit ahead of the best sequence ever still feels off to me! The “Where Is My Mind” score thing makes me laugh, but in a sort of fun way? 

Podcast where we discuss it at length dropping soon. The Blank Check boys need to do James Wan as this is a quintessential blank check flick and it’s crazy it exists and I’m delighted everybody on Earth (or at least everyone in my filter bubble) has watched and enjoyed it despite not showing up for it in theaters. Including my mother!

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