The Card Counter

The Card Counter ★★★★

When the credits began I let out a chuckle. My wife asked what that was for. And I told her “he’s doing Ozu style opening credits.” She nodded. I think this is more than a throwaway homage; I think this signifies that Schrader has accepted that much like Ozu, he does one thing better than anyone and instead of trying to do lots of things he’s locking in to that one thing. If he only gives us Man-In-A-Room existentialism from now on, I think it’s a win because all of his best work since Affliction has happened when he consciously makes a Schrader film. Oscar Issac is very enjoyable here and even though I’m not sure Tiff Haddish was the best choice for this I respect her for taking on the part and love the gamble of picking her.