The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★½

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Firstly, i want to start with the biggest negative of the film. In my opinion, the main plot is revealed a bit late (40 minutes after the start). Fortunatley, after the “checkpoint” of the 40 minutes, everything got to the right place and the story started to have a bigger interest and a better pace. That’s going on until the end, when the story completed with a good way. I will not get on more details, because the non-spoiler tenor of the review.

Subsequently, let’s move forward to the cast and the performances that helped a lot the film to level up. The two most well known actors is Tom Holland and Robert Pattinson and I can’t deny that. They both had an amazing performance and especially I want to stand on Robert Pattinson’s performance as the preacher. His accent is so good! Tom Holland is a happy surprise for me. I like his Spider-man a lot, but I didn’t expect for him to be that good. The beautiful cast consists also, Bill Skarsgard, Sebastian Stan, Eliza Scanlen, Riley Keough, Jason Clarke, Haley Bennett and many others. The casting was successful!

Continuing, i have to refer to the beautiful cinematography. With the help of the production design, the cinematography department make me feel like I was in the period that the story happened.

Overall, it’s a very interesting film that the amazing cast and the decent directorial job by Antonio Campos levelled it up! I will recommend to everyone to watch it, so they can have better opinion on this.

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