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This review may contain spoilers.

I didn't watch any trailers or really know anything about this movie going in, but I loved this so much. To be honest, the opening scene was pretty gruesome, but how can you complain when a Jónsi and Alex song is playing as the soundtrack?!

Each of the kids were so special and I thought I'd get them easily confused, but their personalities were allowed to shine through. Zaja, Bodevan, and Rellian were my faves!! Some of the parent-child moments were playing out really well and the moments of tension helps raise the questions of "what's the 'best' way to raise your kids? is there a certain standard? what if we thought outside the box?" Like you get the sense Ben is really trying to be unconventional and create the best life for his kids, but his perceptions are challenged over time and he choses to change/compromise instead of being unyielding and stubborn. I got so many feels from this movie and let's just say that I hope my family/friends show up to my funeral in style (and in colour and sparkles!).

The incredible scenery, amazing soundtrack, and the "one with nature" theme throughout the movie really spoke to me. Idk... pretty flower crowns and the bohemian costumes!! The kids' sheer joy of being out in the wild and getting messy and scraping knees and not caring! The gorgeous forest shots and camping out, there's a very... real element there of being in nature and free and happy. Inspiring. If there's one message I could take away from this, it's to seek what makes you happy, even if it's unconventional, and to challenge your own perceptions of what the limits are.