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  • Ski Troop Attack
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  • La Dama del Fantaterror

  • Gold Diggers of 1933


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  • Private Lives

    Private Lives


    “There isn’t a particle of you that I don’t know…remember…want.”

    📝: Trying something different. If you’d like to read this review with pictures and captions (and seriously, you really need to see these full size images of Norma Shearer's face) click over to my website and READ IT THERE.

    Before we begin, two important things you need to know about Private Lives, the 1931 film starring Norma Shearer and Robert Montgomery, directed by Sidney Franklin.

    1. Norma Shearer is a…

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  • La Dama del Fantaterror

    La Dama del Fantaterror

    “I loved playing a villain.”

    Included as a Bonus Feature on the Severin blu-ray for Black Candles. This short documentary (Dame of Horror Fantasy) doesn’t touch on that uniquely perverse entry in Helga Liné’s filmography at all, but it’s nice to see clips from her early work in Portugal, and photos as a 9 year old contortionist.

    Before her film career took off in Spain and Italy, she was a model and beauty queen, as well as the aforementioned work…

  • Gold Diggers of 1933

    Gold Diggers of 1933


    “Cheap and vulgar!”

    Big screen Blondell, baby. I just love those massive teeth.

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  • The Breaking Point

    The Breaking Point


    “You do everything so hard. No matter what it is, you do it hard.”

    Hemingway, Garfield and Curtiz is like a match made in macho heaven. This is kino 50s dude cinema. This is a gripping dad movie that you watch standing up. Boats! Gangsters! Babes! Cock fighting! Heady Mexican beers! A testament to Garfield’s greatness that he can so believably play a too honest “nice daddy” do-gooder, a crooked slimeball lawyer and a lonely violinist. But no matter the…

  • Halloween Ends

    Halloween Ends


    “Show grief your fucking tits.”

    A movie that asks the question on nobody’s mind: “What if busted ass, broken down, sewer dwelling Michael Myers…had a little friend?”

    If Halloween Kills was the J6 of the franchise, this is the 9/11 aftermath, Green and McBride’s uncanny valley-written Haddonfield idiots struggling not to give in to anger, paranoia and rage. Weirdly enough, this is maybe the closest Green has come to capturing that awkward, self-destructive, forbidden love since All the Real Girls.…