Emanuelle Around the World

Emanuelle Around the World ★★★

“Men aren’t born pigs. It’s just something they become.”

A little tamer and more playful than Emanuelle in America, but still contains a scene where a rich weirdo with a melted face and one eye rapes a blindfolded girl. And there’s some dog-and-snake-on-girl action. Oh and Emanuelle is forced at gunpoint into hobo fellatio (but it helps her put the final piece in place to expose the white slave trade, once and for all)!

The usual D’Amato grossness (like a man sticking a banana up there, and then taking a big o’l bite) is offset by love interest Ivan Rassimov as a genuinely good dude! A UN ambassador fighting for human rights. Or something. And George Eastman as a hilariously problematic brown-face sex guru whose hands are double the size of Laura Gemser’s head. That giant beast standing next to petite Gemser was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time.

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