Rumble Fish ★★★★★

“The Motorcycle Boy Reigns”

I think it should be required that every teenager  still in or exiting out of High School should watch “Rumble Fish”. “Rumble Fish” is the peak of Coppola, probably the most Coppola film I’ve seen so far. The dreamy imagery with help from Stephen Burum’s cinematography, the heartbreaking and raw performances from the whole cast, and the beautiful score by Stewart Copeland. Francis makes a beautiful mess of Tulsa and shows us the forgotten dreams and wasted potential in the past generations, while Motorcycle Boy is trying to give Rusty James a chance to have the life he always wanted. Absolutely floored in every regard, I always thought this was a great film, but now I see this is one of Francis’ best films. So curious how he came from making an incredibly commercial film (“The Outsiders”) and making another surrealist personal film ala “One from the Heart” with this in the same year. The work of a genius.

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