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  • Jesus' Son

    Jesus' Son


    I couldn’t sleep one night a couple weeks ago and accidentally stayed up all night reading the excellent Denis Johnson short story collection on which this is based. The book is raw and funny and sad and disturbing so I was interested and nervous to see how it was adapted to screen. The film does a good job of connecting a lot of the short stories and getting across the themes of addiction and loneliness prevalent in the source material.…

  • The Keep

    The Keep


    I realized about halfway through that nothing made much sense but the effects are fun and the smokey visuals look pretty cool. Just think about how long Scott Glenn had to wear those dumb looking contacts!

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  • Papillon



    More like Papi-yawn!
    That’s just a joke. It didn’t actually make me want to Nap-illon. I liked it despite being a little too Papi-long. Honestly, I’m just happ-illon it wasn’t crap-illon.

  • Godzilla



    I told Spencer and Keegan I was a defender of this movie and they told me that was “very on brand for me” and I haven’t stopped worrying about my brand ever since.