Eternals ★½

I’ve been a fan of Marvel and the MCU since I first saw Iron Man in 2008, and I’ve loved seeing it grow from just a singular story to an incredible cinematic universe. However, this was just bad. 

It felt like it really wanted to be such a grand and epic story, but instead it was just dull and lifeless feeling. The movie also felt like it was lacking any true stakes since for the first 2 hours all I knew was the bad guys are bad, and when we finally found something else out it just shifted into a completely new stupid thing. It really is such a shame that this wasn’t better since it had the potential to be something special and new for Marvel, but instead it just completely falls flat on its face. 

Also, I get that the characters names are taken from the comics, so I can’t complain too much, but some of their names were just so stupid.

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