Jaws ★★★★½

One of the pure blockbusters out there and one of those that from any way you look at it, it is actually pretty good. There are Spielberg films that I love and Jaws is one of them. It is such a classic, especially with John Williams’ score, which right when you hear the first note, you immediately know which film you’re watching. I particularly liked Robert Shaw as Quint in this because without him, this film would lack an edge, he also manages to never push his character into a stereotype.

For some reason though, some of Spielberg’s films just don’t impact me as I think they are intended to. I’ve never finished a movie of Spielberg’s where it left me drowning in strong emotions. Nevertheless, I can’t diminish the inherent entertainment value of Jaws and hopefully, we actually get blockbusters that actually make sense, have great characters, and have a good sense of filmmaking like with what Spielberg does here with his camerawork, because I have just lost out of touch with the “big” movies that we see today.

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