• Below Zero

    Below Zero


    Ever since Parasite absolutely blew my mind I have been way more inclined to watch foreign films.
    This movie was great. It was tense and action packed and the director did not hold back with the gore and action sequences. I was fully engaged the entire time. The first act of the movie was fast-paced. We get into our characters and their relationships with one another as well as this mysterious guy thats causing them all the trouble. As the…

  • I Care a Lot

    I Care a Lot


    This was a really fascinating movie. The plot, though actually quite sad, was intriguing and new. This was a movie backed by fantastic performances and every single character here was despicable. I found myself questioning who I was supposed to be routing for which left me a little unsettled and questioning my morals and unfortunately that turned me off a bit.
    The movie starts off very strong. The introduction into our main character and the con-artist life she lives is…

  • Nomadland



    I can definitley see the appeal this movie has and why critics and award distributors are loving it. It’s a true indie film. It’s beautiful and emotional and at it’s center tells a heartfelt and heartbreaking story of a woman’s life post the recession. Chloe Zhao really deserves it all. She directed the shit outta this movie. Every shot was beautiful and there were long periods of emotional music and wide shots of Frances McDormand that were just gorgeous and…

  • To All the Boys: Always and Forever

    To All the Boys: Always and Forever


    Basically the same review I gave for the second movie. Cute movie, our 2 leads continue to shine and the supporting cast was great again. The story progressed into the final days of high school and that made for some great story lines. I really liked the addition of Lara Jeans fathers love interest as well as really enjoyed Peters relationship with his dad being explored a bit more. Like the 2nd movie though this one did fall into a few genre cliches and was very predictable. 
    Overall I enjoyed this trilogy way more than I thought I would.

  • Space Sweepers

    Space Sweepers


    Visually stunning and really cool concept. Space Sweepers is a fantastic addition to the Sci-fi genre and delivers a fun and enjoyable 2 hours. Our characters were very like-able and each had their chance to shine. This movie was very stylistic. The action scenes were really cool to watch. It was like Star Wars met Blade Runner and had a South Korean baby.
    Where this movie lacked was the villain and the stakes. The main villain here wasn't developed enough…

  • Willy's Wonderland

    Willy's Wonderland


    I don't know what the FUCK I just watched but I was all for it. Give me Nicolas Cage in a cult movie ANY DAY! This movie was absolutely absurd and it was incredibly self aware. Let's start with the pros. With such a low budget this movie did a really solid job with the animatronics and the CGI. It's a movie about mechanic puppets on a murder rampage and somehow the movie made it look believable. Nicolas Cage, please…

  • To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You

    To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You


    Not as good as the first one but still enjoyable and cute. This one falls into some cliche rom com tropes which unfortunately make it a less unique and feel more formulaic.

  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    To All the Boys I've Loved Before


    My journey down this trilogy has finally begun. I have thouroughly enjoyed the new generation of romantic comedies and this movie was another great addition. Cute story, cute characters with great chemistry, and a nice story. 
    This movie did lack the emotional hit that other recent rom-coms had which is making me give it a 3-star rating as opposed to a 3.5-stars. 
    Nonetheless, cute movie and a nice watch.

  • The Map of Tiny Perfect Things

    The Map of Tiny Perfect Things


    I have really grown to love this new generation of romantic comedies. From last years Palm Springs and The Half of It to this years The Map of Tiny Perfect Things and The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, I have thoroughly enjoyed this genre and its recent entries.
    This movie was adorable. The most intruiging part was our two leads. They had fantastic chemistry and I absolutley loved it. The story was simple and the execution of it was brilliant. It…

  • Judas and the Black Messiah

    Judas and the Black Messiah


    Lets get one thing out of the way... if Daniel Kaluya doesn’t win the Oscar for best supporting actor then the Oscars will be even less credible than they already are. His first scene in the movie was enough to give him the award. I mean, shit, he acted his ass off and gave us an incredible performance. 
    The movie itself was great! Expectations were sky high going into it just because of how good the trailer was. The movie…

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    A couple find themselves in the middle of the biggest fight of their 5-year relationship on the most important night of the young filmmakers career.
    An acting TOUR DE FUCKING FORCE. Zendaya and John David Washington at their absolute best, putting on display their raw acting talent. This movie was great. It's an artistic gem driven by incredible dialogue and fantastic chemistry between our leads.
    It can drag at times but the scenes where things pick up make up for…

  • The Little Things

    The Little Things


    I am very torn on this movie. I don't think it is as bad as some critics are saying it is, but I also don't think its anything great.
    Let's get the obvious out of the way... the cast is great. We have three Oscar winners giving fantastic performances throughout the entire film. Denzel Washington in the forefront was really great. His performance made me almost care more about his characters backstory than the actual plot of the movie.