Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★

can we take a moment for the casting? i mean damn.
Saoirse Ronan played this role to perfection and really encompassed what, i believe, a true coming-of-age story is all about. Lady Bird is propelled by confusing relationships, heartache, underlining hate and microwavable meals. it pinpoints most emotionally diven situations with family and friends that come with being a teenager and provides insight into what every conversation or argument, or conversation that ends in an argument, is about without leaving any loose strings.
Laurie Metcalf really stole the show for me though. she emboddied this movie inside and out, represented what a stong willed mother who works endless hours is at home and she did THAT!
the scene in which Lady Bird and Marion are at the thrift store is an obvious choice of a favourite but if anyone was confused at the mother/daughter relationship, could watch that scene and understand the sheer relatability that this movie carries.
my one problem is my own fault but i wish that i had watched Lady Bird before watching Booksmart as i found myself constantly comparing the two - thank you Beanie Feldstein. although it’s a tiny flower in a big field, it did ruin my full enjoyment which is a shame.

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