The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

This film is gritty, tense, and dark which makes for a masterpiece. As a big fan A24 I went into the cinema with high hopes and left with even bigger expectations for Eggers with whatever he decides to do next. I am a big fan of his film The VVitch which changes anyone’s perspective on folk horror. The elements of cinema he brought out of that film were astounding. With the the love for that film I built up hype for The lighthouse and had high expectations and this film did more than just meet those expectations. The 1.19:1 frame with black and white was a great addition for this film and truly would not be the same without it, this choice was great for setting the tension between Pattinson and Defoe and made the audience feel a sense of confinement as these two characters did in the film. The films script was spot on and totally fitting with the time period and Defoe gripped the audience whenever he spoke and truly demanded the screen, until Pattinson started speaking. Pattinson was the star for me he had a powerhouse performance that was very intense. I definitely think they both deserve Oscar nominations but so does everyone else on this set I personally think it is the best film of the year. It all just lined up perfectly and had the metaphorical ending of regret and lies that was powerful and had several deep elements such as alcoholism and fear. This film was overall a masterpiece and was a thought provoking film that worked well and is a modern classic that deserves to be watched several times.

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