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This review may contain spoilers.

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• The action sequences are amazing!! They're some of the best in the entire saga. 
• The cinematography is beautiful. 
• Mark Hamill is great, as always. 
• Carrie Fisher gives a fantastic final performance. R.I.P ❤️
• Kylo Ren is still a great villain. 
• Kylo and Rey's scenes were very intriguing.
• Rose is great addition to the trilogy.
• Snoke is cool. 
• Luke's death is masterful! It's so beautifully done. 
• John Williams' score is wonderful. 
• Seeing Yoda again was awesome. 
• Intersting new uses of the Force.
• Rose and Finn's subplot was fun.
• The new worlds are gorgeous.
• It tries something new.

• Comedy ruins moments that could've been great or powerful. 
• Snoke's death is fucking stupid!
• The pacing; I didn't think it was too slow, I thought it was too fast at times. Especially the training scenes between Luke and Rey; more time should've been spent on that.
• While I found the Rose and Finn's subplot entertaining, it feels weightless and almost pointless.
• DJ felt like a pointless character.
• Pretty much all of the questions we had from The Force Awakens are brushed aside. I'm hoping for some answers in Episode IX.
• If Luke wanted to be left alone, why did he leave a map to his location?
• As a whole, It feels kinda anti-climactic. 

I really do enjoy The Last Jedi but I'm still feeling some conflict. It's a very very good movie but I really wish it did some things differently and it should've had a stronger story. I think a third or fourth viewing may be mandatory.

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