Georgia has written 15 reviews for films rated ★★½ .

  • The Photograph

    The Photograph


    The power couple I didn't know I needed

  • Tristan & Isolde

    Tristan & Isolde


    I was supposed to watch this for my English Literature class as a reference point, but all I can think about now is Henry Cavill's braids.

  • Anna




  • The Lord Worked Wonders in Me

    The Lord Worked Wonders in Me


    it was ok

  • Beware of Children

    Beware of Children


    Interesting yet very very very very very very lonngggg

  • Zizotek



    ~*~ Symbolism ~*~

  • Archipelago



    Tom Hiddleston in THOSE trousers and THOSE curls on the big screen 9 years later was something I would never miss for anything in the world.

  • Port Authority

    Port Authority



  • Late Night

    Late Night


    The Devil Wears Prada but with political correctness and late night comedy shows.

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood


    stop sucking on tarantino's dick for a moment and admit that this was average at best

  • Destination Wedding

    Destination Wedding



  • Johnny English Strikes Again

    Johnny English Strikes Again


    My dad laughed a lot