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Previously a 95/100

I felt like it would be better the 2nd time but didn't think it'd be THAT much better. I was wrong. It was SO much better the second time. How dare I have criticized this film?

It's a masterpiece. I only wish it was longer, and I can't help but feel that there are a few scenes that are cut out. I also think a little too much attention is given to the relationship between Kim Ki-woo and Park Da-hye. That's the only thing keeping it from a perfect score.

Here are some of my random thoughts of things that I loved the second time:
·The metaphors between upper/lower class are mirrored so well by the cinematography.
·Groundwork for the open windows is laid out from the beginning of the movie.
·Seeing the lights go-on throughout the movie in relation to whenever Park Dong-ik arrives gave me chills knowing why they are going off.
·On that note, RESPECT!
·The Mission: Impossible scene of this movie blows my mind every time. It's TOO FUNNY.
·The transitions between each act of the movie are simply outstanding. This is a great film to show to anyone that wants to write a screenplay.
·Color, angles, framing, and overall cinematography, are so essential to this movie.
·Love how there is a difference in the technology that each family uses. Android vs. Apple.
·The music cues in this movie are so spectacular as well. Jung Jaeil's score is absolutely worth checking out.
·This movie is fucking outstanding.


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