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  • In Front of Your Face

    In Front of Your Face


    Has the requisite drinking session, zooms, characters in the film industry, two-part structural play, and other typical Hong signifiers, but this is very emotionally direct by his standards. The way he allows you to truly live in scenes and moments is incredibly powerful in a very specific way that I struggle to describe - a lot of this comes down to the languid pacing, but this unique immersion is further facilitated by the often blown-out lighting and the very unglamorous…

  • Regular Lovers

    Regular Lovers


    My first Philippe Garrel film. I’m not able to speak to its placement in his larger oeuvre - maybe all of his films are like this - but this film looks like it was pulled straight out of the 1960s. It’s so transporting, everything from the locations and faces on display (genuinely thought I was looking at a young Jean-Pierre Léaud when I first saw Nicolas Maury) to the actual cutting, audio transitions, and compositions placing you in the era…

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  • Horse Money

    Horse Money


    Costa’s connection to Straub and Hulliet became more apparent to me than ever while watching this. Both filmmakers are capable of profound evocations of rich history, simply by filming faces and places. They’re able to do this through a number of devices: mise en scène that captures the ruin of old spaces, cutting that evokes a dreamlike journey through these spaces (the surrealism that’s generally associated with filmic dreamlike language is present here, but the ensuing abstraction is not nightmarish…

  • Miami Blues

    Miami Blues


    Lots of wonderfully manic mugging from Baldwin, whose malaise-filled ex-con’s desire for suburban normalcy is constantly thwarted by his own destructive intuition and by the forces which surround him. Pretty funny, pretty bleak.

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  • Spider-Man: No Way Home

    Spider-Man: No Way Home

    one of the most reddit “films” i’ve ever seen. the ultimate “I CLAPPED BECAUSE I KNOW THAT REFERENCE” movie. felt like I was watching Spiderman fanfiction written by a 3rd grader. just totally shallow and contains nothing interesting thematically beyond “REMEMBER THIS!?” even in the potentially emotional moments, the emphasis is on the reference rather than any real meaning beyond a callback to something. there’s no deconstruction or anything interesting happening. any growth that Peter has in this film is…

  • The Whale

    The Whale


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I have no idea where to even begin with this so I’m going to start by saying that the film opens with Brendan Fraser (who is as good as anyone could possibly be in this - it’s a shame that this is his big comeback role, and the condescending conversation around him and his performance is a whole other story, but he does what he can here) jerking himself off into a near-heart attack. it only gets more absurd and…