Scream ★★½

hmm. I feared the worst going into a 10-years-later Scream sequel that wasn’t directed by Wes Craven, and while it does sometimes fall into the trap of becoming exactly what it’s parodying (just calling it out isn’t always enough), all in all there’s some fun. the modern aspects (technology, A24 fans) are mostly well-incorporated, and the kills are pretty gnarly, although they lack the suspense and craft of the first 4 films. there’s some funny stuff regarding online fan culture and contemporary horror trends, but the metaness has none of the tact of the first 4 and is often just shoved down your throat. some subplots totally didn’t work for me, and particularly once the set pieces kick into gear, it becomes very apparent that this is not a Wes Craven movie. the clarity of the action and the broad style is simply not at the level of the previous films. this is my least favorite entry in a franchise that I love, but it’s not awful

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