Favorite films

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
  • Toy Story
  • Baby Driver
  • Easy Rider

Recent activity

  • Bullitt


  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind


  • Roadracers


  • Four Rooms


Recent reviews

  • Bullitt



    groovy 60’s vibes, hot damn that’s a smooth ass score.
    San Fran made for fantastic cinematography within the hills and through the city landscapes — shot composition was perfect.
    the police procedural story is slow to the start but really gets in its thrills as things progress. I enjoyed it more this time, than I did on the 1st watch. Gnarliest movie car chase scene ever.
    Steve McQueen is the mf’n man, the ‘cooler king’ of hollywood.
    sweet cinema

  • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind


    easy staple of 70’s sci-fi, a heavy hand of genre defining vibes. such a whimsical alien contact story: it’s chaotic yet retains a soothing spectacle of an ending that is equal parts wholesome as it gifts a grandiose send off, with grace. how have i gone so long without seeing this? criminal.

    Richard Dreyfuss ‘twas on different level of cooky & committed, big fan. Spielberg slaps — his filmography is so fck’n gnarly.
    another cinematic classic for the books.

    side note: the box-set blu ray I got is so nice, pairs well with the vinyl I picked up awhile back. yay for physical media ✨

Popular reviews

  • Gladiator



    After a 2-day hiatus of film watching due to a road trip concert with my dad to Berkley, ca — this was an absolute masterpiece to come back to. I purchased a fck-ton of blu-rays, I’m beyond excited, & this seemed like a fitting start.

    I can’t find the words, other than: masterpiece.
    Every single aspect is superlative — the script is beyond perfect, the score is bombastic, camerawork is amazing in its depiction of making things feels ginormous & grand, & every…

  • Malignant



    james wan is one of my favorite working directors — man has has launched 3 of horror’s juiciest franchises within the last two decades. safe bet that if he’s in the director’s chair, shit is gonna slap. Malignant is him having as much fun as he can / wants. it’s an over the top, genre schlock, & i’m ALL in for it. it’s quite refreshing when a film can find a balance between eerie & fun, this smacks right in the middle of…