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  • Next Floor

    Next Floor


    After watching and enjoying several of Dennis Villeneuve's full-length features, I decided to delve into his previous efforts in filmmaking, leading me to watch his short film Next Floor.

    It is an extremely well accomplished film, be it in terms of photography, which possesses an eerie and provoking quality, or in terms of sets, costumes and makeup which are all complexly meticulous in striving to build the bizarre and uneasy atmosphere. Even the speechless acting conveys through facial expressions so…

  • Mud



    Nichols strikes again with a moving story as much about childhood as about adulthood. With discreet and beautiful camerawork, it unfolds with the meeting of two young boys and a fugitive from the law. At first everything is in its place: our eyes, nature and an interesting and very original story. But soon the plot takes over, and while the screenplay utters some of the most interesting lines of the year, the excessive action undermines the director's great sense of…