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  • Fargo



    Yeah, gotta love them Coens.

    Fargo is the Coen Brothers' funniest and bleakest film with a tight, perfectly written script, uniformly fantastic acting from the whole cast, hauntingly beautiful cinematography from Roger Deakins and quite possibly Carter Burwell's best score. The characters are pure Coenite, uniquely funny, weird and menacing, yeah. Yeah, Frances McDormand has never been better. Yeah.

  • Funny Games

    Funny Games


    Funny Games is a terrifying film that is more effectively scary than most horror/thriller films, with great atmosphere and a deliberate, methodical approach to its story and is made all the more disturbing by long takes, silence and what it chooses to show the audience and what not to show.

    Do you think it's enough? I mean you wanted a review with a plausible explanation for how good it is, going as in depth as possible without spoiling it?

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  • Lady and the Tramp

    Lady and the Tramp

    I have a couple of questions, Disney. How much are you guys willing to sell out for and what does it feel like to have a black heart and no soul?

  • Time of the Apes

    Time of the Apes


    This could have all been avoided if only Johnny had cared.