Requiem for a Dream

Requiem for a Dream ★★★★★

Requiem for a Dream is a horrifying film about four different people and the downward spiral they go through via drug use.

This movie is so disgustingly beautiful. I have never seen any film portray the depravity and craving of a person dealing with drugs so accurately. While most movies romanticize drug use and addictions, Requiem for a Dream diggs into the negative impacts and lifestyles that come with drug addiction. No filter is present in the movie and realistic endings are shown.

The cinematography of this movie is STUNNING. Aronofsky uses surreal imagery for multiple scenes, different angles and cameras to show different perspectives and adds a combination of fast and slow motion shots. It is almost like the audience is brought into the world and mind of an individual who is addicted to drugs. To see the different experiences and hallucinations up close is very eye-opening.

Overall, this movie left me in shock and saddened. I’m glad I watched this movie and I am definitely never trying drugs 😭

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