Baby Driver

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This review may contain spoilers.

A major disappointment. I was a huge Edgar Wright fan. I loved all his prior work. But I can't abide this film. It feels like Disney tried to make a Michael Mann movie with all the problematic-ness that that entails. It feels like a film made by people who drive on the right side of the road when they play GTA. Everything is so pompous and phony and safe with the story being completely divorced from any kind of reality. It is a film compliant with authority on every level. The characterizations are incoherent and skin-deep; The love story falls completely flat; (who is the love interest other than she's hot and is a waitress?) the main character is a nebbish fool who gets everyone killed simply because he can't face his own complicity in the criminal situations he gets himself into; and the Kevin Spacey character sympathizes with Ansel in the finale simply because his girlfriend is hot despite having every reason to kill him. And that brings me to Jamie Foxx's character, he is the only character who sees through the rest of the bullshit going on and Wright has him illogically kill people simply because he needs the plot to go forward because 'he's crazy' (a lazy screenwriting trope). The racial politics of this film are dubious at best (every minority is either 'a scary criminal' or an innocuous plot device). The ending is a comical lie meant to placate the audience from real life and the tragedy of what it really must be like to be incarcerated. I am sick of juvenile films that pretend to take on adult subject matter and dilute it to make a quick buck. It is exploitative and irresponsible. Wright, being a British filmmaker, has no real insights on American life, the nature of crime in America or the American criminal justice system. A lazy, fantastical, dead end detour from the tyrannical reality we are living in today.

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