The 51st State ★★★★

Better than any Tarantino; funnier and has a better portrayal of the nineties than his nineties crime films. It's interesting to note how each decade doesn't really feel like it truly began and finished as an era on the exact start and end of each decade. The nineties seemed to truly begin in '91 with grunge, Terminator 2, Tupac, the fall of the Soviet Union, and the Gulf War. The zeitgeist event which seemingly single-handedly retired the nineties and jumpstarted a new era was certainly 9/11, which is definitely up for no debate. One of the fascinating things about this movie is that it feels like it still exists at the tail end of the nineties. It was shot in early '01 before 9/11, which explains a lot. Things were a lot more rebellious and iconoclastic back then.