• Octopussy



    A lot of people hate the Roger Moore movies because they're always over-the-top, ridiculous, and bizarre but I have no problem with any one of those things in a Bond movie. If anything, the Bond franchise is perfectly suitable for these qualities due to the inherent absurdity of the character; who's impossibly invincible, masculine, and unstoppable; mostly due to having the backing of entire nation behind his actions and the infinite financial and popular demand of the franchise's continuation. This…

  • King of New York

    King of New York


    One of the most re-watchable movies ever in my opinion.

  • Bloodsport



    Pretty terrible but Van Damme & company gift the movie with a nutty tongue-in-cheek quality that makes it watchable. The fight scenes are dull and amateurish in their staging and the production value is often wasted. Still, I can see why this was Van Damme's breakout movie. He has the obvious makings of a movie star here. One can see the potential.

  • For Your Eyes Only

    For Your Eyes Only


    "It filled me with wonder because of its cinematographic writing ... if I could have seen it twice in a row and again the next day, I would have done."

    -Robert Bresson

  • AVP: Alien vs. Predator

    AVP: Alien vs. Predator


    I'd rank it third out of the Alien franchise, second out of the Predator franchise. Good jolly fun.

  • The Chronicles of Riddick

    The Chronicles of Riddick


    Vin Diesel's Conan

  • Eraser



    Eraser is a sturdy and compact action film that happened to be the last film of Arnold Schwarzenegger's nearly unstoppable box office reign from the eighties into the nineties before Batman & Robin's catastrophic financial failure. Though it loses some steam towards the end and there's a dull mob subplot that impedes the main proceedings, this is an enjoyably excessive picture that indulges in all of Arnold's strengths as an action star and Vanessa Williams makes for a fetching damsel in…

  • Slap Shot

    Slap Shot


    Probably the best hockey related movie. A lot of great performances and a lot of interesting introspection towards the absurdity of sports. The rise of Newman's ridiculous hijinks and degenerate hype to raise funds and coverage for the team's renewal has a fascinating parallel to Trump's bizarre rise to power. Both rode the hype train to the proverbial gravy train, regardless of any ethical transgression or moral debasement. Exploitation sells in the media and the more it sells, the more coverage it gets. Sports isn't any different of a racket. Or more so, any racket isn't any different than sports.

  • El Dorado

    El Dorado


    El Dorado is a mostly solid western that features a good cast in good form and a sturdy plot, courtesy of the original version, Rio Bravo; also by Hawks. While I prefer Rio Bravo and despite a somewhat 'been there, done that' vibe to the proceedings, the film is engaging, funny, and charismatic. It's also very well shot and cut with a nice classic Hollywood quality. It's a fairly reliable entertainment and it's a mostly likable movie despite some retrograde…

  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

    Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone


    Overly Neoliberal but I'm giving it five for the nostalgia.

  • Mulan



    Underwhelming and uninspired, Mulan (2020) is a real disappointment. The cast is game, the photography is pretty, the sets are big, but the film isn't able to competently tell a story. Running two hours long, somehow the film has less character development and character building moments than its ninety minute, animated musical counterpart. Right when it seems to get going, it starts to end. There's something about the generation of filmmakers who are forty to fifty-five in America that seem…

  • Lost Highway

    Lost Highway


    One of Lynch's best films. Kind of underrated to be honest.