Gh0stman has written 249 reviews for films during 2020.

  • The Long Kiss Goodnight

    The Long Kiss Goodnight


    Enormously entertaining. While it falls short in some areas, it's so much fun. Revolving around an amnesiac housewife who discovers her past life as an assassin with the help of a down on his luck private investigator, the film is pure action movie pulp, well done. Although the film sets up a resolution and an epilogue that both feel hastily done and a betrayal to what preceded it and the film's villain is miscast (Craig Berko seems to be doing…

  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness


    A bold, headfirst dive into the bleak and bloody waters of capitalism. It's derivative, yes, but it understands what it pulls from and synthesizes its influences in a compelling way. Even its naysayers have to admit to its audacity, because dares to swim in the same pool as the classics that inspired it. Gore Verbinski is becoming one of the more interesting filmmakers in Hollywood. I hope he continues in this vein, a sort of full-bodied genre maximalism where every dollar is on the screen. One of the best horror films of 2010s.

  • Time to Die

    Time to Die


    One of the best westerns I've ever seen. It puts almost every revenge movie to shame as it shows the futility of grudges, the agony of the loss of life and time, and the cyclical nature of violence. No tricks, no gimmicks, no glitz or glamour, just the painful tragic reality of it all. That it's a first film is all the more impressive.

  • Goin' South

    Goin' South


    A funny, if insubstantial, western comedy. Nicholson brings a nice satiric edge to the proceedings, which makes the thin script seem like it's going somewhere. Not a bad movie but not that great either.

  • The Day After Tomorrow

    The Day After Tomorrow


    Goofy but fun. It's interesting to think about how mass disaster can play out as allegorical fantasy as evident in this film, where the U.S. apologizes to Mexico for their bigotry, the President freezes to death, the Vice President admits he's an asshole, the boy gets the girl, the father is a hero, the terminally ill child is miraculously saved, and those who do perish do so tragically or heroically. I guess the end of the world might not be so bad.

  • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot


    Was Michael Cimino the most gifted of the New Hollywood? Whenever I re-watch one of his films, I think he might have been, at least amongst the best, even if he had the worst career trajectory out of all of them. I suppose talent might have nothing to do with a good career.

  • Jumanji: The Next Level

    Jumanji: The Next Level


    A fun film that misses its own potential when it reverts back to the dynamics of the first movie. Much of the appeal of both of the newer Jumanji movies is how it embraces the aesthetics and absurdities of modern video games and the farcical identity bending. This is the core of both films' comedy, their creative spark. When The Next Level finds comedic gold in Kevin Hart impersonating Danny Glover and The Rock impersonating Danny DeVito, the film feels…

  • Snowpiercer



    One of the great political films of this century. Bong Joon-Ho is a master filmmaker.

  • Ronin



    A masterpiece with a minimalist narrative, directed with total maximalism. John Frankenheimer was undoubtedly one of the best of his generation.