Gh0stman has written 61 reviews for films during 2021.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Lawrence of Arabia


    One of the greatest films ever made. An indisputable achievement. David Lean has to be in the pantheon of all time great directors. I regret not seeing this one sooner, this was the first time. It's one for the history books.

  • The Eight Hundred

    The Eight Hundred


    A stirring war picture that honors the real-life soldiers who heroically defended themselves from a literal imperialist and colonialist invasion. The combat sequences are well-realized and convincingly portray the horrors of war. The film also finds a strong objective correlative in the Suzhou Creek, a river that separates the war-zone and the International Settlement in Shanghai at the time; where the body of water divides the soldiers from those who have the privilege of being non-combatants. As the battle goes…

  • American Skin

    American Skin


    Bold, uncompromising, and heartbreaking, American Skin is one of the most politically rebellious American films ever made. No other film in recent memory so adeptly and succinctly captured the current political moment in this country so the resulting controversy and division on the film makes sense. It is a film that truly understands what shapes action on the world stage. To paraphrase what a wise man once said, "All political power is born out of the barrel of a gun." It's the first great film of 2021.

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    On the subject of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the Proverbial Great Comic Book Movie, and the Evils of Fascism

    Zack Snyder’s Justice League might just be the most hyped up movie ever made. After nearly half a decade of buzz and media buildup, the film arrives on HBOMAX to a milquetoast release on the most mediocre of streaming services. It is, without a doubt, one of the most inept would-be epics Hollywood has ever released. I must say, it’s intriguing…

  • Enemy of the State

    Enemy of the State


    As equally prophetic as it is mightily entertaining, Enemy of the State is a brilliant thriller that is one of Tony Scott's very best works. I get nostalgic for this type of movie, and this era, for a lot of reasons. One is because this was one of the first R-rated movies I ever saw, I think I was like four or something. Another is that Tony Scott is such a legendary director to me and this was one of…

  • Cherry



    It's interesting to think about the negative reviews for Cherry. 'It's too long', 'it's too fast', 'it's slow', 'it's too serious', 'it's not funny enough', 'it's overly dark', 'it's too peppy', 'it's strange', 'it's too generic', 'it's overly stylized', 'it's not stylized enough', etc. The opinions are polarized if not generally negative and many have conflicting criticisms but what is clear is that most did not want to spend time with this movie and let it sit with them. Perhaps…

  • Under Siege

    Under Siege


    This is a pretty awesome action flick if you ask me. I'm not even a Steven Seagal fan but I gotta say, the guy really does kick some ass in this one. He was just the cook but the bad guys made him sock it to 'em. Speaking of bad guys, I can see why Tommy Lee Jones got praised for his bad guy here. He's a real character with genuine idiosyncrasies, intelligence, and distinction. It's a great performance and…

  • Coming 2 America

    Coming 2 America


    An unfulfilling and middling affair, Coming 2 America is a disappointing sequel. Although the bar was set unrealistically high, the original is one of the best films of the 1980s in my opinion, this one still falls short. The execution is not there with the comedy mostly coming off stilted and awkward. One could definitely say the mild PG-13 rating is at fault but I also feel it's more than that. The story is pretty much just retread of the…

  • Sorcerer



    Intense and nerve-wrecking, Sorcerer is certainly an unsung masterpiece and one of the key American films of the 1970s. I'd even go as far as saying it surpasses the original film, The Wages of Fear, which was one of the best films of the 1950s in its own right. Grim and foreboding, Friedkin, with the possible exception of The Hunted, also outdoes himself here in the directing department. And in the acting department, Roy Schneider was never better. A truly…

  • Furious 7

    Furious 7


    An undoubtedly flawed movie due to the unavoidably messy production but still an accomplished film in its own right, Furious 7 continues in the direction set by the sixth film as a Mission Impossible-esque spy picture. The action sequences, albeit not on the same level as Justin Lin's in the prior entries, are well done by James Wan. It's a well-crafted action film with a deeply uneven story but what makes it overcome its shortcomings are the profound emotional connections…

  • Fast & Furious 6

    Fast & Furious 6


    A total blast of fun and definitely one of the franchise's very finest installments. I'd probably say it's in the Top 3 for sure, along with Fast Five and the original. Looking back, a lot of the action scenes hold up exceptionally (superb direction by Justin Lin) and it's fascinating how this one advanced the series. It brought back even more past characters and it also tied up some loose ends while also starting new ones. Still, what's most interesting…

  • War



    A reliable and sturdy action movie that boasts a strong crime story and two great action stars being pit against each other. In a few ways, it's almost like a martial arts Heat. Jet Li and Statham excel in their roles and the action is also well done and inspired (choreography by Corey Yuen!). Although the direction is somewhat pedestrian, in particular during the dialog scenes, the film finishes off with a great narrative twist that I totally did not…