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  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7

    Revisionist history. Plain and simple. That's what Aaron Sorkin has to offer in this complete distortion of the very real and very leftist Chicago Eight's defiance against the American government. Re-imagining the titular heroes as progressive centrists who are defending the American government from itself, Sorkin's depiction rides roughshod over the facts and the truth; where the Chicago Eight were protesting at the '68 DNC against the American government, and the Democratic Party, because they correctly surmised that the entire…

  • Omen III: The Final Conflict

    Omen III: The Final Conflict

    A comically lackluster horror film. You'd think the Christians would've thought of a better plan than to use blessed knives to murder the anti-christ but no they didn't. These people might be the most inept assassins in movie history. The film itself is also just as ridiculous as its heroes. The only thing of any interest here is Sam Neill's adult Damien, who relishes the absurdity of his role. A bad film.

  • El Chicano

    El Chicano

    Awful, just terrible. At first masquerading as being in line with revolutionary politics, the film eventually reveals itself to be a right-wing, anti-immigration, pro-cop vigilante film with an unquenchable bloodlust against Latinos. Its hero is a complete moron who hates his own people and has no understanding of the world around him. He does no learning, finds no special purpose, and doesn't discover anything at all. For a superhero film, he curiously has no powers either. He's just a cop…

  • The Staggering Girl

    The Staggering Girl

    The first film I've seen by Luca Guadagnino and I'm already dreading the shit out of his proposed Scarface remake. Filled with slick but idle images edited with no flow, packed with lengthy shots held without purpose, equipped with an empty narrative, and featuring aimless actors dressed in goofy clothes who can barely say their lines with a straight face, this long form 'commercial' was a giant bore from start to finish. I'm not against commercials, Tony Scott was a…

  • Black Rain

    Black Rain

    While it acts as a nice screensaver with great cinematography by Jan De Bont and a rich score by Hans Zimmer, Black Rain is just as dumb and racist as I remembered. Its story consists of every cop cliche in memory and Ridley Scott brings zero human feeling to the movie. It's a film that's as alien and foreign to genuine human behavior as its attempts to stereotype and vilify the entire country of Japan are prejudiced. Almost every moment rings false, no matter the slickness and glitz of its presentation. An empty and rotten film wrapped in sapphire and sliver.

  • Bio-Dome


    The idea of being trapped in a bio-dome is a potentially interesting idea for a movie but this one doesn't consider the possibilities. In fact, it doesn't think about anything at all. Before I put the movie on, I thought to myself, "it really couldn't be as bad as people say." It isn't but it sure tries. It also doesn't help that for a 'stoner flick' its PG-13 rating really hampers down the fun. Altogether, Bio-Dome is a lackluster experience…

  • Lake Placid

    Lake Placid

    Laugh-free, scare-free, and suspense-free, Lake Placid is a bore to watch. It's clear nobody was on the same page when making this, every actor seems to be in their own little movie and the filmmaking is almost always awkwardly placed and mishandled. Almost unwatchable in its misfiring. Definitely one of the worst gator films. The B-movie knock-offs from this one are probably better, at least they won't have delusions of grandeur.

  • Die Another Day

    Die Another Day

    About as bad as I remembered it to be. I regret streaming it on my television. I could've watched Seinfeld instead.

  • Beauty and the Beast

    Beauty and the Beast

    Perhaps one of the most conservative films I think I've ever seen, I watched this at Thanksgiving and legitimately wondered at what kind of impression this would leave on my two year old nephew. Maybe Disney 'Classics' are generally bad for children?

  • Joker


    Joker is one of the most spiteful and contemptuous films I've ever seen. Hailed as the first adult comic book film and the first artistic achievement in the superhero genre, the film is neither. Although it displays an undeniable aesthetic capacity, its vision is a purely juvenile and misanthropic one and it offers nothing else but authoritarian nihilism. While some have viewed it as self-reflexive of its characters, it seems to be self-reflexive to its environment instead; depicting a chaotic…

  • A Walk to Remember

    A Walk to Remember

    Comically bad. Re-watched late at night when there wasn't anything else on TV but paid programming and I stayed up the whole way through for the laughs. I'm beginning to think that this Nicholas Sparks guy is some kind of psycho. Every one of his movie adaptations is always some kind of weird, perverted conservative fantasy where they find God or some other dumb shit. If this kind of stuff is so popular, then I now truly know why Trump became president. America is hopeless.

  • X-Men: Apocalypse

    X-Men: Apocalypse

    X-Men Apocalypse is a terrible, pathetic attempt to revitalize the long-running, now out of juice franchise. The only good thing I can really say about it is that it's well shot. That's it. The film attempts to both continue the First Class cast's storyline while also rebooting the remaining characters from the original cast and fails miserably at both. Not only are continuity and chronology jettisoned entirely from the movie, but also little things like storytelling, character development, coherence, and…